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Mammary Alpha was the brain child of DeDe. She wanted to get a group of all women together to play and record a tabletop RPG set in the Star Trek universe. When Mammary Alpha first started, there were only a handful of all-women TTRPG podcasts, a void that DeDe recognized needed filling. And so, DeDe put out the call to her friends, who were all too happy to join in. You can learn more about us below!

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Susi GMs this wild ride. Her day job is "Trademark Attorney", but that's the pits. Role playing games are more fun! 

Susi is part of CELAN, Seattle's premiere Esports Franchise / Luxury Lifestyle Brand / Cult.

You can learn more about Susi by listening to this 2014 interview over at Player Accounts: http://www.playeraccounts.net/episodes/2014/6/7/episode-4-archnemesis


Dede - Posa Yzael

Goes by DeDe (emphasis on the capitalizations). DeDe uses console commands. She would never talk back to her captain like Posa does; she does, however, share Posa's preference for animals or plants over humanoids. DeDe lives in Minnesota with Boyfriend, two cats, and two dogs.

"I can Riker sit, Riker walk and Riker lean better than you."


Dani - Savia Sh'qelles

Dani plays Sh'qelles our Aenar engineer and draws all our fan art. Office admin/graphic designer/old lady tech tutor by day she spends evenings watching kung fu movies and playing Nintendo.

For arts and cats: https://www.instagram.com/ziuziuziu/


Hole- Lox’is Agugh

The opening of the Seventh Seal, with flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm, shall herald her arrival.


Ashley - Pene The Vulcan

Ashley works at an aerospace machine shop by day, and hosts trivia/scuba dives/ kickboxes by night. She is the epitome of "Jill of all trades, master of none".

When she's not recording or doing any of those other things, she's a member of Very Awesome Girls Phoenix. https://www.facebook.com/veryawesomegirlsphx/


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